What is a Chastity Cage?

Try to block out the mental image of a medieval times chastity belt, crumble it up and throw it away. Chastity cages have made a resurgence and the comfort and technology has come a long was. In the about me section, I noted that I wear my cage 24/7 365 comfortably.

Let me break this down as simple as I can and I apologize if its too simple… I just don’t want any confusion. A chastity cage is a device that can be made from metals, plastics, rubber or polymers. Each cage has their own distinct benefits and shortcomings… so to speak. Everyone goes through the same struggle of trial and error with cages. Many cages are designed for different purposes. For the sake of time, I will discuss cages meant for long term wear… Because you SHOULD wear it long term! The cage that I have found to be far superior to all other is the TERNENCE STEELONE. Every blog will tell you that you get what you pay for and anything under $100 isn’t worth it. I am here to tell you that those words are just FALSE. Now you can spend $100’s of dollars on a custom fit, tricked out Bentley of a cage but why not save money and go with what works. The cage I used can be found on amazon for $24!


Let’s Talk METAL!

Metal cages are better suited for long term wear. They are more hygienic, easier to clean, make going #1 much easier and don’t allow moisture buildup like resin or rubber cages do. Trust me when I saw smaller is better! If you find a cage that looks like the one you want order the smaller cage. Ring size can be tricky however. I suggest ordering 3 ring sizes and trialing which one fits best. The TERNANCE and most other cages come with rings that vary in size from approximately 40mm-50mm. I wore the 40mm for quite a while before realizing it was a little too tight. I moved to a 45mm ring and it was a game changer. I can sleep, shower, work, run and do just about anything in my 45mm ring. Side note: I am an average sized guy. Im a bit of grower more than a show’er. The metal cage has gone everywhere with me. In salt water, in the shower and anywhere else you can imagine. It might be tempting to purchase on of the sleeker looking plastic cages, which I tried too but you will soon find out what a stinky pecker smells like.. yuck. One drawback… weight. The metal ring are heaver, you will have to adjust yourself a few times a day. I guess I should mention metal detectors, but well cover that another time.

How Do You Wear The Cage

Get ready for this cause I might lose you. Lets talk about fitment and the donning process. Firstly, the cage itself (the part that covers your shaft) should be tight. The idea is to prevent full erections at all times while making it so that you are secure and cant weasel your way out (I know you’ll try you weasel). The ring should be tight enough that you have enough room to fit one ring finger in between the ring and your flesh when completely flaccid. When you are aroused, there should be no room between you and the cage. The cage is designed to pull tight on your “Boys” when you get excited. If your cage is too long and allows too much room for excited growth, then the cage can’t do it’s job. It’s supposed to be slightly uncomfortable when you get aroused. The discomfort is reminder that you are owned and that is no longer your property to play with.

Lets talk about getting the damn thing on. This can be tricky, especially because it requires you to be COMPLETELY FLACCID. Every time you monkey around with the cage to put it on, you will start to become aroused, which complicates the whole process. Ice packs will become your best friend. Here’s how we do it boys:

  • Start with the ring and slip on testicle in at a time
    • It can be like getting a cat into a bath tub – be patient
  • Once the boys are in – push your shaft into itself like a turtle
  • Take the top portion of the cage and secure it with the locking mechanism
    • Align your turtle so that he goes into his cage when he emerges
  • Pull your sack downward like a batwing so that the ring slides upwards towards your pelvis
  • At this point everything should be in place and some minor adjusting can be done
  • Lastly, make sure that key is with your key holder and out of your reach – You are locked!

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